Ben is the owner of Ben Graham Fitness Solutions and a transformation specialist in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He has coached clients through impressive lifestyle changes resulting in jaw-dropping success stories. From inspiring weight losses of 50-100+ LBS to packing on 10s of LBS of lean, powerful muscle – Ben assists women and men of ALL AGES with the achievement of sustainable weight loss and the development of full body strength. He then continues to guide them through lifestyle changes, providing the necessary knowledge and inimitable passion and individual support required to allow them to take true control of their future health. At Ben Graham Fitness Solutions every client is unique; from their current fitness profile to their future fitness and health goals. No matter your current starting point or where you envision yourself progressing with your health and fitness profile; Ben will make certain to provide you with the solutions you need to inevitably succeed.



Windsor, ON, Canada


6am – 8pm Weekdays
7am – 5pm Weekends