4 Triceps Exercises You're Probably Not Doing

Whenever you go to the gym, chances are that you see the same boring triceps exercises being trained day in and day out. There's even a possibility that you've been caught in the cycle of doing the same old, same old every time you show up to complete your own workouts!


Rope Pressdowns.

Overhead Dumbbell Extensions.

V-Bar Pressdowns.


Although all the above exercises are effective when it comes to further strengthening and developing the triceps, there’s something to be said for the implementation of varying angles, attachments and different movements entirely. By experimenting with all these variations there is an increased likelihood that you will come across new ways to target and attack your triceps that:

1.      You enjoy.

2.      You NEED to implement to bring up a weak point.

3.      Provide an entirely new form of stimulus relative to further development of muscle and strength.

Whether you’re aiming to hit a personal milestone on the bench press, develop tighter, more defined arms or to simply keep your training varied and interesting, these four triceps exercises are great tools to have in your “bag of training tricks”.

1.      Dumbbell Tricep Rollback


2.      Tate Press

3.      Spoon Press


4.      Suspension Triceps Extension

Try rotating one of these exercises into your next program and see how effective it is over the course of 3-4 weeks. Then take it out OR take out an exercise that is long past due and bring in another one of the exercises listed above. Maintaining consistency with the introduction of training variations will allow you to break through frustrating plateaus and keep your workouts challenging and fresh!

Ben Graham