Don't Miss Out On This Simple Way to Sign Up NEW Personal Training Clients!

There are many facets to building your coaching business (Click here to sign up for the number one course in the world for building a successful Online Coaching Business). One of the most important facets is how to grow your clientele by learning how to effectively call a potential client.  I’ve found that this is where A LOT of coaches really drop the ball when it comes to building their coaching clientele and fitness businesses in general. When I’ve checked in with quite a few of my peers who are struggling to build their clientele, I often ask when the last time was that they CALLED the potential leads to which they have been referred. Usually, the answer is NEVER.


The most common pattern is as follows:

·         Current client provides coach with friends / peers contact information who are interested in training

·         Coach sends short, vague text about working out

·         No response is received

·         Coach assumes person is uninterested and no new client is gained


To clarify, I used to be petrified to face the challenge of calling potential clients. A million and one questions would race through my mind -

·         What the hell do I even say?

·         What if they don’t answer?

·         What if they do answer?

·         What if I pronounce their name incorrectly?

·         What if they ask a question for which I have no answer or response?

·         What if my voice cracks from nerves?

·         What if they don’t want a personal trainer?


What if… what if… what if…


There are a million and one reasons that you can rationalize as to why you shouldn’t call that new individual BUT if you really wanted to, I can assure you that you CAN without a doubt, come up with just as many reasons why you SHOULD call that new individual.


To make it clear, there is never a 100% sure-fire way to call a potential lead. In fact, you will probably experience more rejections and objections than you can wrap your head around as you build your professional practice. If you can understand that this is a part of building your reputation and ‘paying your dues’ so-to-speak, eventually you will get to the point in your career where potential leads are calling you!


Here is a sample script you can use during your next phone call:

Phone Call Blog Photo.JPG

**Start with a pleasant greeting**


“Hi (name), this is (your name). I’m a personal trainer at AAA Fitness Studio. How are you today?”


Be sure to pay close attention to their response. There is the possibility that they don’t know who you are right away. Feel free to be a little more specific with your introduction if possible. (For example, you might mention that you happen to train their best friend who had provided you with their phone number to invite them in for a complimentary fitness consultation.)


“That’s excellent! -……..-”


Build off this with a specific comment tailored to their response.


“The reason I’m calling today is…”


Fill this statement in with the exact reason you’re calling. If this individual sent you an email through your online coaching sign-up, specify points relative to their individual training objectives. If they inquire about your services through one of your current clients, clarify that as well. Make sure you are as specific to their situation as possible!


The key in the above statement is to ensure that they are aware that you are in fact, considering them and their goals. After all, you’re the professional who has the solution they’re searching for!


Be sure to ask them how their specific goal / problem is currently going.


EXAMPLE: “The reason I’m calling today is because you made mention in your online application that you just signed up at the gym and you’re quite overwhelmed by all the different machines available and knowing which ones you should be using for your specific training goals. Could you please give me a brief background on your current level of training experience in the gym?”


You’ll often find that the majority of individuals -

·         will have frustrations centred around structure and accountability with their current training regimen

·         that their current routine isn’t working

·         that they’re overwhelmed by what constitutes proper form

·         that they do not know how to use different machines or navigate the weight room

·         that healthy eating is confusing them

·         that they have an injury/ limitation that is proving a hindrance to their training


The above are the most common challenges and areas of discomfort that lead them to seek professional guidance in getting past these obstacles.


This is where you set up the consultation! You now know exactly what this potential client’s obstacle / goal is looking to focus upon and you know that you’re the personal trainer that can help them.


EXAMPLE: “Nicole, you would be amazed at just how many individuals come to me with this exact frustration when starting out with a new fitness and health goal. Getting to the gym is the first step, and I’m proud of you for making that leap because it’s NOT easy to do. I’d love to have you come in early next week. I have the perfect program to teach you the basics that you require to build your confidence and knowledge in the gym!


Do mornings or evenings work better for you?”


The above final sentence is crucial and may be considered ‘the hook’! Too often, coaches allow the conversation to end without setting a definitive time as to when this new client is going to come in and meet with them face-to-face. Often, the conversation fizzles out, the coach says something along the lines of, “give me a call or send me a text whenever you want to come in” which usually results in the individual never actually showing up, or they ask the client generally when they’re available. This almost always leads that prospective client to say, “Let me get back to you.” Trying to consider your entire schedule on the spot that fits with theirs is often too challenging for anyone. By asking what works better - mornings or evenings, the question provides just enough specificity and broader time blocks with which the individual can respond more comfortably and immediately. Most individuals know right away whether meeting in the morning or evening is a better option based off their usual routine. Once you’ve received a response that narrows down whether they would prefer a morning or evening meeting time, look at your schedule and provide 2 to 3 options matching that request. The sooner, the better!


EXAMPLE: “Nicole, I’m glad evenings work best for you because they happen to work best for me as well this week! I happen to have a 5:30 PM available tomorrow evening and a 7 PM available Tuesday evening. Which time might you prefer?”


Once the appointment is set, thank the potential client for their time and wrap up the phone call professionally. Immediately go to your calendar and mark a reminder to send this individual a quick message via text / email / etc. confirming their appointment approximately 18 to 24 hours in advance.


As I’m certain you’ve realized, calling potential leads is not as complex as you might have led yourself to believe. The hardest part is getting over the initial anxiety and stress that usually goes hand-in-hand with potential rejection!


To summarize in 7 steps -


1.        Make the call – there’s no doubt that calling isn’t how everyone responds nowadays but don’t use that as an excuse to stop making calls altogether. You need to meet your potential client however they respond. Some might be through IG direct message, others through text / e-mail and many others still, by way of a phone call. Pick up the phone and ACT! 


2.        Start with a pleasant & professional greeting that clearly identifies who you are to eliminate any potential confusion and touch on any points of reference that develop rapport (e.g., you train their best friend, they reached out to you via a website sign-up, etc.).


3.        If possible, shift the conversation to their needs / goals / frustrations relative to their health and fitness profile if you know them already. If you don’t know them already, use this phone call to find out.


4.        Once the goal / desire is confirmed, (granted that you have the professional skillset / confidence to service the client), invite them in for a meeting. If you can’t help the potential client, make that clear as well. If possible, refer them to a professional (with whom you are confident) that can assist them.


5.        Be specific when requesting a meeting time. Initially narrow down the options to mornings and evenings to simplify calendars and the process of scheduling. Avoid overwhelming an individual with the request to reflect on their entire schedule on the spot. Once you have narrowed this down, offer 2 to 3 available times that match their preference.


6.        Wrap up the conversation in a polite, professional manner.


7.        Set a reminder in your calendar to reach out to the client 24 hours before their appointment in order to remind them of your meeting.

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Now go forth, my friends in this business of ours, and realize that the value of this personal approach used in increasing your clientele and growing your business, is not as daunting as you may think! The power of ‘the phone call’ just may amaze you in your attempts at its implementation!


Ben Graham