By providing a workout program customized to YOUR fitness goals, the ability to workout when it fits YOUR schedule with YOUR success as the primary focus – Ben Graham Fitness Solutions is ready to guide YOU to your dream physique all for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer at your local gym!


After we perform an extensive assessment of your current fitness and health profile we will be able to determine exactly where your “fitness starting point” is! From there we will develop a plan of action that will move us in the direction of your fitness and health goals. This plan of action will be personalized for you. Coaching people professionally for years has taught me that no two clients are alike. Even clients with almost identical goals will have different paths to achievement. I am here to guide you to success and to make sure that you are provided with the proper workouts, nutritional support and advice that you require.


The fitness industry LOVES to sell magic solutions relative to any health or fitness goal that you may have. I don’t. Results require effort and consistency. Results also require patience as it takes time for the body to change relative to the trans-formative process you are going through.

As I say quite often. Every decision counts. Every meal counts. Every workout counts. 
Again, every decision counts. Each one of these decisions is either working for you or against you relative to your personal health and fitness goals.

Knowing as much – I am here as your coach to make sure that you understand what decisions are going to rack up points in your favour and which ones won’t. I am also here to help you utilize lifestyle progressions to turn even the hardest to break habits from setbacks into comebacks.


No matter how overwhelming your fitness and health goals seem TODAY – I promise you that they are well within your reach. They will certainly require hard work, a little bit of sweat equity, some huffing and puffing, a lot of consistency and most definitely persistence – BUT - once you realize that no matter what, the time it takes to achieve your fitness and health goals will inevitably pass…it would be most logical to put that time to good use and get into the best shape of your life!

One of my greatest joys is not only in guiding people to success with their health and fitness goals but also simplifying lifestyle changes that were once overwhelming. I also enjoy making the confusing science of human physiology just a little more simplistic. And of course I can’t help falsifying a few common beliefs of the fitness industry along the way! All of this to make sure that you have the confidence and the knowledge to maintain your improved health and fitness profile for life!

Working on a monthly basis – training programs and nutrition / lifestyle habit changes will be tailored specifically for you relative to current goals!


Each workout is YOUR workout. Every time you step foot into the gym, you will be confident with what you have to do. You will know what exercises to perform, how many repetitions to do, what weights to utilize and of course how to do all of this with proper form to ensure long term training success. As we move further forward with your health and fitness goals and our coach / client relationship improves your programming will become more and more specific to your individual needs and abilities!

Each meal is YOUR meal. I don’t do diet plans. Diet plans do not work. I prefer to prescribe lifestyle plans. My goal as a coach is to educate you on how to make proper food choices, how to improve certain areas of your life to compliment your new health and fitness pursuits and of course what to do when life gets in the way. On top of that I enjoy providing systematic approaches to replacing poor habits with improved ones. I want to make certain that you have the knowledge and confidence required for long term success.

You still get to live YOUR life. The pursuit of health and fitness goals should be viewed as a positive, empowering experience. It shouldn’t allow the fear of social outings, celebrations and holidays to fester within you. By developing the lifestyle habits and knowledge required you should be able to navigate the social seas with relative ease! 

Each month, you’ll be provided with a training program based on our assessment and what was accomplished in the previous month! With constant e-mail support often times you will see “real-time” updates from me to make sure that no workout goes wasted! As I review the tracking of your workouts – I aim to make sure that we are not allowing potential progressions to pass us by. This of course allows me to make sure you are progressing at a steady pace. I also enjoy providing you with tweaks and updates as we go along. Your meal plans and lifestyle habits will change depending on what we have collaborated to be the most beneficial for you and your goals at a given point in your health and fitness journey! 

For more information on my online coaching services, simply fill out the entire application HERE and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as I have reviewed your response!